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Affluence Magazine Luxury Publication 

One of the leading Luxury Publication in South Africa, and a steady presence in Dubai and Los Angeles Affluence Magazine Luxury Publication

We have the daily task of presenting our global readership to Luxury with substance, more than just a sparkle, something more tangible that with ability to inspire the readers of Affluence Magazine Luxury Publication.

Exclusively selected to ensure the inimitable experience that Affluence Magazine offers is unrivaled elsewhere, clients are welcomed into the fold and treated as if they are about the Affluence Magazine Luxury Publication.

Showcasing prestigious wine estates and their world-renowned wines. Distinguished chefs and their gourmet cuisine.Acknowledging and getting involved with the latest movements in Super Cars, Private getaways, 5 and 6 star global experiences including luxury fashion and design just to mention a few.

Following the season’s latest nuances, fresh and engaging features, captivating interviews, and interesting advertorials create maximum exposure for our valued clients to the broad base of our target audience.