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By Affluence Magazine

The world’s most expensive watch

Over the years, the South African brand, Graff Diamonds has showcased absolutely breathtaking pieces, including the $46 million Graff Pink diamond which held the record for most expensive pink diamond in the world for multiple years in a row. The value of this timepiece does not come from the quartz dial embedded in the center, but by what is surrounding it. More specifically, the Graff Hallucination is comprised by a multitude of Fancy Vivid Yellow, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Light Grey Blue, Fancy Green, Fancy Orange, and of course Fancy Intense Pink, and Fancy Light Pink diamonds. Altogether, the diamonds on this watch weigh a staggering 110 carats. To add to its beauty, a large variety of cuts have been used, including marquise, radiant, pear, round, and heart-shaped diamonds.

The watch is valued at $55 million, taking the cake as the world’s most expensive watch.

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