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By Affluence Magazine

The world’s first Flying Bike available for purchase.

XTURISMO Limited Edition was developed by AERWINS as an iconic product that was inspired by the popular Star Wars movie series. It is a manifestation of the dream of air mobility that endeavors to create a completely new way to experience the world, enabling users to feel the joy and pleasure of moving freely in space.

XTURISMO Limited Edition was unveiled at Fuji Speedway in October 2021, and orders are now being accepted. In June 2022 AERWINS announced the global launch of XTURISMO Limited Edition at the Top Marques Monaco, and its performance at the Detroit Auto Show in September was also well received worldwide. The Company reports that it is currently receiving orders and inquiries from all over the world.

Most recently, A.L.I. Technologies, a subsidiary company of AERWINS Technologies in Japan held a ceremony for the first delivery of the XTURISMO Limited Edition at the Yamato Technology Center on December 16, 2022. Present at the event was the guest of honor, Mr. Yoshiyuki Aikawa (CEO of SBC Medical Group), first purchaser of the XTURISMO Limited Edition, and A.L.I. President Daisuke Katano.

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