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Drakensberg Supercar Rally by Affluence Black

Affluence Magazine is leading the forefront in Durban, KZN in Luxury. The Drakensberg Supercar Rally by Affluence Black is one of Affluence Magazine’s key events in Durban. This was the grand opening of the Drakensberg Supercar Rally by Affluence Black. Shifting Into the first gear was the cocktail event an intimate event at the alluring Private Members Club, which is majestically positioned on the 22nd and 23rd floor of the iconic Umhlanga Arch.

The Pencil Club is known to be the tallest building in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the start of the Affluence Black Drakensberg Supercar Rally. All drivers gathered at SMG BMW Umhlanga Arch, thereafter everyone witnesses one of the finest car collections in South Africa, at Vijay Marajah’s residence before the scenic trek to the Drakensberg via the Midlands Meander. From the Nelson Mandela Capture Site to a private concert by the Drakensberg Boys Choir. This trip was filled with various bends and curves both in experiences and the drive.

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Thufayl Ali Sanlam Seaton Estate The Pencil BMW_SMG_Umhlanga Drakensberg Boys Choir Rawdons Hotel & Brewery Champagne Sports Resort The Lazy Moose Granny Mouse Country House & Spa

YouTube View for the event could be view : Drakensberg Supercar Rally

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