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French Fusion

French Fusion

25th July 2018 saw the gathering of various art enthusiast gather from Affluence Black stable to witness the collaboration named French Fusion. At the amazing venue Berman Contemporary in Sandton Alice Lane gave birth to, a first of its kind, considered a 3 way pairing, French Art by Elsa Duault French Wines by #PremiumCruWine Hervé Delabesse and French Trained Wandile Mabaso The MC was the amazing Deborah Lettner coffee was served by the bespoke coffee house the Carico Cafe Connoisseur

Elsa DUAULT (b.1992)

French artist and international student at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town.

A French Fusion Elsa Duault graduated with her masters in Marketing in Paris, 2014. With her full focus on art especially on painting and writing, she presented her series of works in many different places in Paris, Rouen, Reims, Le Havre.

In February 2017 she moved to Cape Town to work and to study at the Michaelis School of Fine Art where she is specialized in Fluid Art.

Molecular painting is the title used to describe her method of painting. Indeed, her acrylic paintings are articulated around several main axes: the density and ratio of materials, the interdependence of substances, movements present in nature, the free expression of textures and the effervescence of the creative process.

Duault captures the movement of paint over the axes of space and time. The complexities of life and its dynamics are captured by a time specific to each of her works. Her technique recreates re-creates a microscopic or macroscopic environment embracing the geometry of natural and organic compositions. The visual is of energy colliding and dispersing and finally meeting its equilibrium or resting point

Duault embraces the fluidity of art with her molecular Painting technique.

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